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Our Enterprise Customer

Our Enterprise, a big data analytics company on a mission to revolutionize the digital debt collections industry. As a fintech they use Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) to enhance customer reach, engagement, and interaction. Enterprise is a pioneer in disrupting the debt collections industry with intelligence.

Enterprise having multiple offices Pan India. They are also having an out-bound call center in Mumbai with a capacity of 1000+ agents. This call center do manual calling on data given by the bank to connect with customer.

Key challenges

Contacting on bank data base for payment collection, using live agent is always challenging job for any collection agency, due to which collection agencies not able to justify ROI. Some of the key challenges, collection agencies face.

  • Manpower Cost –Fixed recurring expense
  • Telecom Infra / space – Huge recurring expense
  • Landline Number – Call pickup issue due to landline number
  • Attrition – Skill manpower and agent churn

Enterprise uses multiple ways to connect their end customer for payment collection and reminders for collection.

  • Out Bound Tele-calling for collection and reminders
  • Answering Inbound calls, where customer seek multiple information related to due payment
  • Send Voice/ SMS Broadcasting
  • Voice Broadcast for follow-up & reminders

Proposed solution by Smartping

We had multiple meeting and discussion with their technical and campaign management team. Basis on the input, we identify their pain area and understand their process owners requirement(large banks). Based on the pain area, we proposed a custom built solution, which will be solving all customer pain area and also help them to improve ROI.

Basis on the customer confirmation we created a Cloud based multi CLI solution. Ssolution comprised connectivity among customer location and Voice Bot App server & VISPL trunk location.

  • We created a Virtual VPN tunnel between our trunk server location & Voice Bot server (AWS) to start a pilot run.
  • Enterprise will create a campaign in their campaign manager application (CRM) and send a request to trunk server.
  • Trunk servers dial the number (300 concurrent calls) and push back to voice Bot server.
  • Voice BOT will start interacting with customer, basis on the different logics in the system.

Their success

  • Enterprise saw 50+% increases in connectivity using our solution.
  • Enterprise achieved 59% increase in collection due to real-time payment update to their end customer using out bound capability and real time information sharing using inbound capability.

Interestingly, Customer figured out many other advantages in our proposed solution to connect their end customers.

  • Real time information sharing
  • Quick feedback on services
  • Real time campaign monitoring
  • Reduced efforts in contacting their end customer data base
  • Quick & easy completion of large campaign
  • Reduction in human agents resulting huge cost saving
  • They able to achieve Volume of about 10 Lakh calls per day
  • Expected monthly revenue on this solution 70-100 Lacs / Month