How can I send my email through EmailClientX?

You can send your email through EmailClientX using any of the following integrations, or a combination of them:

  • SMTP Relay: This is a great option if you’re looking for a delivery engine to work behind the scenes with your own application or another tool. SMTP relay is the standard protocol for sending email, and is a typical solution for customers who would like to increase deliverability while setting up their email in a third-party application.
  • Web API: Designed for customers who need to programmatically send emails through their own applications. This method is typically used for transactional messages, like password reset emails and order confirmations, but can be used for any message type.
  • Marketing Campaigns: This toolset is designed to help you send marketing emails. It allows you to upload and manage recipient lists, build or upload your own HTML email templates, and then schedule and send your email campaigns through EmailClientX. This option works well for bulk, newsletter-type sends.