Type of SMS can be sent by the Initiator basis registration on DLT systems?

  • “Promotional Message” means the communication about the product/ service that an enterprise wants to be delivered to its target subscriber in order to generate awareness and subsequent sales.
  • “Transactional Message” means Information pertaining to the transaction/ account details sent to the customer by an Enterprise or Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company or depositories registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India or Direct to Home Operators
  • Information was given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation
  • Information from a registered educational institution to its students or their parents or guardians
  • Any message transmitted by or on the directions of the Central Government or State Government, TRAI or any agency authorized by TRAI, or on the directions of bodies established under the Constitution and only messages with the above nature will qualify as a transactional message.
  • Government Messages”: Messages sent/ broadcasted by Government organizations pertaining to citizen-related information by appending Approved Sender Ids on DLT systems.

The CUSTOMERS shall follow the TRAI Regulations with respect to the Alpha Numeric Identifier format prescribed by the authority and use an alpha-numeric identifier for sending Promotional/ Transactional SMS.

  • Promotional Message
    • For an example of Promotional SMS Header: XY-5ZZZZZ, where X stands for code allotted to Access Provider, Y stands for circle/ service area, 5 indicates allocated code to consumer goods and automobiles category and ZZZZZ indicates 5 digits unique identification code allotted to each Parent Entity/ Telemarketer by the Access Provider.
    • SMS to the subscriber whose Mobile number does not appear in the DND/ National Customer Preference Register shall be sent only between 0900 Hrs to 2100 Hrs.
    • Not to send any Promotional/ Commercial communication between 2100 Hrs to 900 hrs to any subscriber irrespective of the fact that such subscriber is registered on NCPR or not as per TRAI Regulations /Directions.
  • “Transactional Message”
    • The CUSTOMERS shall use an alpha-numeric identifier for sending Transactional SMS (example XY-ZZZZZZ, where X stands for code allotted to Access Provider, Y stands for circle/ service area, and ZZZZZZ indicates six alphabets for the company or organisation sending transactional SMS)
    • No unsolicited commercial communication, through the telecom resources allotted to it by the Service Provider for sending Transactional/Promotional messages, to any subscriber whose telephone number appears in the National Customer Preference Register